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Desert safari deals dune bashing provides you the stunning adventure into the beautiful desert sand dunes that make your tour full of excitement.

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  • Destination:Dubai
  • Duration:1 days
  • DATES : Dec 29 - Dec 30
    • Pick Up:Yes
    • Duration:3 Hours
    • Min people:2
    • Max People:1000
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    Desert safari deals dune bashing provides you the stunning adventure into the beautiful desert sand dunes that make your tour full of excitement. We are providing a number of dune bashing activities like dune bashing on a wooden board and dune bashing on a vehicle and many more.

    Enjoy Dune bashing:

    Dubai is famous for its desert adventure. The dune bashing is the most famous and adventurous activity that anyone can experience. Dubai trip cannot be complete without experience the dune bashing. Most appealing adventure in Dubai is Dune bashing.  Greater number of tourist already declared dune bashing is one of best outdoor activity in Dubai. Our vehicles such as Toyota and Land cruiser are commonly used for dune bashing.

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    Desert Safari Dune Bashing Dubai

    A desert safari experience is something interesting and adventurous It is greatest offered for a people who are belonged to desert. These trips are available in different part of the world Desert safari facility is offered by the different desert in the different region of the world.

    Dune Bashing in Dubai:

    The travelers are taken breathtaking ride up and down over a sand area in 4×4 vehicles land cruiser, Toyota and hummer. Gulf states are spread their large area on desert. Approximately all Arabic countries have provide the facility of dune bashing ride as their main tourists activity. Sand skiing, Quad biking, sand boarding, dune buggy are best adventure dune bashing Dubai.

    How to enjoy dune bashing in Dubai:

    • Quad biking:

    Quad bikes are also known as all-terrain vehicle. They have specifically designed 4×4 wheels for speeding over the sand. With an accompanied Expert, these vehicles are very secure with imperceptible risk. If you enjoy driving or motor sports, quad biking is certified to pleasure. Wearing safety gadgets like helmets, goggles and caps are compulsory for all riders

    • Sand skiing:

    The Sand skiing is an adventurous pleasure in desert just like ice skiing. Tourists ride over the sand dune with a specifically designed skate. It is fabulous experience to slip down from an immense height and then move upward with the force. Tourists must to follow safety guidelines for a secure and first-class ride.

    • Dune baggy:

    Dune buggy is a in particular designed great strength 500cc vehicle to drive over the difficult sandy terrains of the desolate tract. The dune buggies are considered extra dependable and safe in comparison to other journey options because of its unique design which guarantees most safety.

    Camel ride dune bashing

    Camel riding is also presents a part of sand dune bashing. Camel riding is must experience action in the desert, Go in Arabian history and feel Dubai as it was 500 years back. Camel trekking desert safari will take you on a delightful ride through the desert on an incredible camel escort. This is the most bonfire approach to follow the impressions of antiquated Bedouin voyagers amid camel safari.

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    Dune bashing on sand board

    You can also explore the sand dune bashing on sand board that is also known as sand boarding. Sand boarding is a board sport like snowboarding. It is a recreational action and happens on rises instead of snow-secured mountains. It incorporates riding crosswise over or down a hill while remaining with the two feet tied to a board, however some sand tenants utilize a board without clasp.

    Things to memorize

    • Don’t forget to faster your seat belt
    • Must go with only trained persons as it require skills to drive in sand dunes
    • Wear comfortable and simples dress and shoes
    • Don’t eat any heavy food before the ride
    • You can stop the ride when you feel uncomfortable
    • Young children and people who have pain in their back are not allowed to ride dune bashing

    3 – 5 hours